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MADCAT SMART ALARM SET 4+1 harcsázó elektromos kapásjelző

129.990 Ft
119.000 Ft (93.701 Ft + ÁFA)
10.990 Ft 8%
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MADCAT SMART ALARM SET 4+1 harcsázó kapásjelző szett 2 év garanciával!




PIROS + ZÖLD + SÁRGA + BLUE elkt. Kapásjelző


MADCAT SMART ALARM Harcsázó elektromos kapásjelző

Cikkszám: 52145
Elérhetőség: RAKTÁRON 1-2 NAP!
Szállítási díj: 2.889 Ft


emergency kit Madcat SMART ALARM SET 4 + 1 RED + GREEN + YELLOW + BLUE


reliable, sensitive to the slightest movement wireless lights Bite with range of up to 100m . Ideal for fishing by means of buoys or sets the spławikami underwater.


Extremely easy to use. Simply turn on and you are ready to use. When enabled, the indicator itself will remember the angle at which it is placed, and the smallest deviation from that position would be immediately signaled acoustically. Possibility of adjusting the volume of the alarm ( V - Volume ) and its sensitivity ( S - Sensitivity ). It is really the simplest possible design that you figure without instructions. Signaling work in the toughest conditions, the wind rain, ending the cold! The receiver communicates with the alarm virtually without any delay. Of course, the control unit can arbitrarily just mute if you will think it appropriate. Alarm and control unit as well as work on the batteries AAA 1.5V - energy consumption is minimal! Kit is sold complete with additional hooking rubber bands, a screwdriver and a few spare screws.


Szín Red + Green + Yellow + Blue
Katalógus oldal 2020 SVS Katalógus 312oldalán!

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